Mixtape Monday: Daft Punk – The Samples

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I know this isn’t a Monday (yay!), but some mixtapes just call for a quick posting. Like today’s mixtape that features over thirty minutes of samples used by Daft Punk.

Daft Punk Samples Mixtape


The nice guys behind WhoSampled have put together a great mixtape today containing the sample material behind some of Daft Punk’s greatest hits. Curious what the French duo used as a base for their hits such as ‘Robot Rock‘, ‘One More Time‘ and ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger‘? Even more curious how these originals sound in a thirty minute mixtape? Check Daft Punk – The Samples below and enjoy!


Daft Punk: The Samples mixed by Chris Read by Whosampled on Mixcloud

Michael Jackson’s Anti-Gravity Patent

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It might have been one of the greatest mysteries of your musical childhood: Michael Jackson’s anti-gravity illusion. How the hell did he do that? Well, today you can finally unravel this mystery. Die hard Michael Jackson fans might have seen the patent below before, but for me (and probably for many others) the pictures lead to the reaction: aha, so THAT’S how he did it!




Michael Jackson Gravity Patent 1


World’s Best Orchestra Conductor

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If this orchestra would play the music of this inflatable-arm-man, what do you think it would sound like?

inflatable arm man orchestra conductor



Mixtape Monday: Disclosure

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Agreed, there’s no shortage of Boiler Room sets being shared on our information highway today. However, when a DJ-set with the energy, fun and freshness of Disclosure’s set below comes by, there’s also no reason not to share it again. Enough reason to talk a bit about Disclosure and again emphasize that you should definitely check out the energetic set they did at Boiler Room, innit?

Disclosure live Boiler Room

‘Two youths that are totally killing it right now’. This is how Boiler Room describes the London duo Disclosure, consisting of the brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence. The duo produces garage/bass music akin to Joy Orbison and Mosca and released their debut-single in 2010 on Moshi Moshi Records. Since this release things have been going very well and with their recent remix of Jesse Ware’s ‘Running’ the duo is indeed totally killing it right now!

The mix below was recorded at one of the renowned Boiler Room sessions on June 28 2012. Although the mixing is a bit jumpy from time to time, Disclosure’s choice of records is awesome. Definitely recommended!

Spotify In The 1980s

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Spotify in the 1980s

What if Spotify had been invented in the 1980s? YouTube user SquirrelMonkeyCom made a video of how it would’ve looked back then. Oh how it could have changed the world!

I Know That Feel, Bro

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The floppy disk and the cassette mixtape share their fate: I know that feel bro.

floppy and cassette mixtape - i know that feel bro

Check out how Deviantart user PaperBeatScissors pairs the ‘I Know That Feel Bro’ meme to more iconic geek characters and objects.

How To Talk to Your Parents About Spotify

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During the course of writing on this blog, a lot has changed in the world of streaming music. While Wired Magazine characterized the year 2009 as the year in which streaming music really took off, the popular service Spotify today already has about 19M+ users worldwide.

However, as Fuse TV also suggests in the video below, there might be one key demographic that hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. You can call them the late majority, the laggards or, well, your parents! It’s time to get them acquainted with streaming music too!

How to have that awkward, but necessary talk to your parents about Spotify, is presented in this funny video.

via The Next Web

Kraftwerk Is On Twitter!

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Great news! The legendary electronic music pioneers of Kraftwerk finally discovered Twitter and placed their first tweet just moments ago! Talking about the law of the handicap of a head start

Let’s wait and see what they got in store for 2012. Who knows, maybe more 3D shows?

Kraftwerk first tweet 2012