A Swinging Hack: Swingify

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In my RSS-Reader I keep track of about a dozen swingifymusic developer-blogs. This to get an indication of what is on their minds which can sometimes also be an indication of what’s next in online music. Some of the posts I do not always understand quite well, some of them give a nice indication of what’s going on and some of them are just great fun to read.

One of the posts I ran into last week was a post on Music Machinery about the end product of the San Francisco Music Hack Day called Swingify. This is a piece of code that makes use of the EchoNest API and makes every inserted track swing! While I haven’t figured out yet how this particular hack is going to affect the future of online music, it sure is great fun to try it out for yourself by uploading a track and see how it works out Swingified! Check out my example below or check here and here for more swing-fun.

The xx – Islands (Swingified remix) by HaveYouHeard.It

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