About Have You Heard It

Here on Have You Heard It I, Robbert van Ooijen, share my observations to make sense out of the growing amount of sources that report about online music and music piracy. With these observations I try to look beyond the daily hype, discover parallels in history and get a glimpse of what’s next.

About me

With a passion for music and a background in (new) mediaresearch, I focused myself on the intersection where music and technology meet during my Master. After writing several researchpapers on the changing dynamics within today’s music culture, working in the Dutch online music scene and participating in online music platforms myself, I decided to share my knowledge with fellow enthusiasts via this website.

In October 2010 I successfully finished the Master New Media & Digital Culture at the Dutch university of Utrecht. I graduated with an 8 (which can be translated to an ‘A’ in the American grading system) for my thesis titled ‘Home streaming is killing piracy’. In this thesis I examine the archaeological and contemporary developments in music piracy and show how the notion of music piracy is affected by today’s online streaming music business models.

What I have done previously

Next to finishing my Master, I recently published several articles and essays on online (streaming) music, for example on the leading music and technology website Hypebot (1/2) and in the Dutch quality newspaper NRC Next (PDF). Also, I have recently consulted the Dutch Ministry of Justice about the latest developments in online music and helped them to shape the future of copyright. About this consultation, they stated:

“Robbert van Ooijen is very competent in the field of technological developments and new music and film services on the Internet. His clear and convincing presentation has been a valuable contribution to the development of our copyright policy.”
– Marco Langendoen, counselor Dutch Ministry of Justice.

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What I have done