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Over the years I’ve written several articles and essays about online music for newspapers, websites and of course for my studies. Check out some examples of the articles and essays below.

5 Psychological Principles To Help You Sell More Music
(Published on Music Think Tank)

This article elaborates on Chialdini’s persuasive principles and applies them to today’s music business.

Tomahawk: Next Generation Music Player?Hypebot
(Published on Hypebot)

This article covers the introduction of the promising open-source social music player Tomahawk.

Why You Should Start Using Flattr Hypebot
(Published on Hypebot)

In this essay I try to convince the reader to start using the micropayment tool Flattr. You should do so too!

Why Piracy Is Good For InnovationHypebot
(Published on Hypebot)

In this essay I explain how entrepreneurs, politics, and the entertainment industry can all learn and benefit from piracy cultures.

Herinneringen delen in een wolk van data
(Published in the Dutch quality newspaper NRC Next)

In this essay I explore the personal music collection and how it is affected by the next generation of streaming music applications. It was published in the Dutch quality newspaper NRC Next on the 17th of June, 2010. Read the full article (in Dutch) here, or download the PDF.

A Record Collection of Links Hypebot
– Collecting in the Age of Streaming Music –
(Published on Hypebot)

This essay asks what remains of the intimate relationship between collector and collection in the age of streaming music. It was published on Hypebot on the 25th of May, 2010. Read the full article on Hypebot.

The Art Of Collecting In The Age Of Streaming Music
(written for the master New Media & Digital Culture)

In this paper I explore how streaming music affects the notion of collecting. By analyzing the behavior of users of the Dutch online music platform Twones, by reviewing literature about collecting and by applying this to developments in online music in the last decade, this paper makes clear how the private music collection and the use that is made of it looks like in the age of streaming music. Read the paper below (Flash) or download the PDF.


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Next to writing about developments in online music I’ve advised the Dutch Ministry of Justice on how to anticipate on what is next in online music. After they had contacted me in July 2010, I gave a presentation at their Ministry in The Hague to inform them about the latest worldwide developments in online music, and to help them with shaping the future of copyright.

Among others I spoke about the following subjects:

  • Developments in online (streaming) music during the last decade
  • New online music business models that are being developed
  • Innovations in music technology that are important for to the Dutch government

    About my presentation the Ministry stated:

    “Robbert van Ooijen is very competent in the field of technological developments and new music and film services on the Internet. His clear and convincing presentation has been a valuable contribution to the development of our copyright policy.”

    Marco Langendoen, counselor Dutch Ministry of Justice.

  • Online Marketing Campaigns

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    In 2009/2010 I’ve helped the online music platform TwonesTwones with solving several communications and marketing related issues like setting up their online marketing campaigns. Twones was an exciting Dutch online music start-up that got wide coverage in the international tech-press. Although low-budget, the campaigns reached among others TechCrunchThe Next Web and All Things Digital.

    Unfortunately the music platform Twones had to close in July 2010 due to financial issues. The technology powering the platform got a second life in