New club dynamics: Dommune

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In my last post I wrote about some trends in music and new media I distilled from the presentations at the Amsterdam Music Hack Day. One trend was new ways of  interacting with the public during clubbing using new media. In line with this I came across a rather unconventional new club based in Tokyo: Dommune. This club approaches interactivity from a whole other perspective as the biggest part of the public enjoying the music of the club isn’t even physically present.

How does this work then?

The small size of the Japanese club allows only for 50 people to be present, who have to register online first to come in. The club is open from Sunday to Thursday, from 9pm until 12pm what prevents the club from competing with other clubs and which gives the salary men the opportunity to go dancing and be able to go to work the next day. If you are not able to go there, not all is lost. The club uses Ustream to stream video and audio live, so you can enjoy ‘going out’ every night without having to leave your home.

New dynamics

The great techno blog mnml ssgs describes the dynamic this causes:

“both people at the club and those watching at the home are using twitter throughout the party. being at the club this made for a weird situation where probably half the people on the dancefloor had an iphone in their hands the whole night. so more interaction with people on the interwebs, less with those around you – real virtual partying (or something like that). the other consequence of the live streaming is there is some serious attention whore action going on, as partygoers do their best to get on camera. this did my head in a bit, but was also pretty amusing… put together the whole thing is all a bit surreal.”

Today I checked in to Dommune’s livestream and had fun watching the DJ spin his records and see the people dancing. It turned out I was not the only one as 3500 viewers were watching with me. Funny was when the DJ played a track of the popular Japanese boyband Arashi the incoming tweets tripled. Take a look at one of the tweets below saying something like ‘Wow, they are playing Arashi!”:

嵐だよ!!!! (#dommune live at )less than a minute ago via Ustream

So, nothing to do tonight? Visit Dommune’s livestream and party along with the Edokko!

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