Everyone Can Be A Musician

11.04.10 Posted in Blog by

Never learned to play an instrument but full of musicality? Desiring to solo as if you were John Coltrane? Don’t have the time to learn to read music? With Tim Exile’s The Mouth and Henrik Schwarz’s Schwarzonator it seems as if there’s no excuse not to start making your own music. Being able to read notes or play piano isn’t necessary. The only thing that you need is your inspiration and creativity.

Okay, we all know that the personal computer made it easier and cheaper to make music. But without the skills to read music or play piano, it is still very hard to translate your musical ideas into a great tune. Dave Haynes from SoundCloud in his great TEDx talk already explained that music apps turn everybody into a music maker, but with the tools below the argument ‘I never learned to play an instrument so I unfortunately don’t make music’ is certainly not valid anymore.

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