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About four weeks ago I published a post titled ‘In Need For A New Colleague?’. In this post I announced to be on the lookout for a permanent job and asked for your help to spread the message. With your RTs, your network and tips, the message reached a lot of people and – more importantly – reached the right people. And today, I’m happy to announce that next July I’ll be starting a new adventure at the young and eager online marketing company ZEO!

ZEO Webmarketing Utrecht

During the last weeks, I had talks with various interesting companies and got a lot of emails and phonecalls from recruitment agencies. After these appointments and talks, the company that will be my new home is ZEO Webmarketing.

For the last years the company, based in a beautiful monumental building in Utrecht, has been rapidly growing. Thus far, their activities have been mainly centered around search engine marketing and webdevelopment, but just as the team and their customer base is growing, so are their activities. This is where I come in!

Research & Development

New media are constantly evolving, which is why the company always tries to make the most out of new technologies by implementing them in an effective way. In line with this vision, I’ll be researching and developing new products for them, focused both on social media and usability / conversion optimization. I look forward to start on these new projects on the first of July!

To you all: Thanks again for your help and thanks for reading!

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