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Welcome to Have You Heard It, a website run by Robbert van Ooijen. I am a Dutch Master student specialized in and writing about online streaming music and music piracy.

I believe that we are living in an exciting time for online music. After several initiatives have kickstarted developments in the last years that could lead to a new evolution in music, this transition seems to be happening right now! Wired magazine already characterized the year 2009 as the year in which streaming music ‘really took off’, more and more press is starting to write about it and the technological and cultural climate seems to be optimal.

After researching digital music trends and working in the online music business myself I’m currently busy writing my Master thesis about online (streaming) music and music piracy. Here, on Have You Heard It, I’m glad to share the things I encounter with you along the process of writing! Sharing these things on my own company’s website (I work as a freelance copywriter, marketeer, consultant and always looking for new projects!) has two goals:

– To share interesting insights with fellow online music enthusiasts and
– To archive all the things I encounter during the process of writing my thesis for use by others.

If you’re reading along, feel free to share your insights with me!

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