Kraftwerk Is On Twitter!

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Great news! The legendary electronic music pioneers of Kraftwerk finally discovered Twitter and placed their first tweet just moments ago! Talking about the law of the handicap of a head start

Let’s wait and see what they got in store for 2012. Who knows, maybe more 3D shows?

Kraftwerk first tweet 2012


4 Responses to “Kraftwerk Is On Twitter!”

  1. KeepWerking says:

    What makes you think this is official?

    The @kraftwerk twitter has been active for a few years … when they 1st started they used to tweet a lot. 18-24 months ago they cleared everything out and said “official” .. now they have done the same.

    It has again NOT been verified .. and one should also the quote from Ralf in a recent interview that he dislikes twitter and other social sites

    What do I think … fake.

  2. Robbert van Ooijen says:

    @KeepWerking Thanks for your comment! I figured it was real since it was posted on their massively liked Facebook page too. It might as well be that you’re right, since your arguments are quite valid. Let’s wait until an official statement appears on their site!

  3. Anon says:

    I’m pretty sure this is official. I was behind the previous @kraftwerk feed and, after five years, got the message from Twitter ‘underwould’ last week that my account had been suspended due to ‘impersonation’. I often used ‘kraftwerk’ as a login name on various websites and forums, just as a nickname, and did the same on Twitter, way before Twitter became what it has. When I started to amass followers (I was latterly up to 25kish) it dawned on me what was happening. I just had some fun with it, but never gave away inside information (I know several of Kraftwerk’s ancillary associates, label guys, agent etc) and never told anyone the feed was by me.

    The new feed looks to me like it’s being run from MuteHQ, that being where the band’s UK label guy is based. It’s doubtful Ralf will have much direct input to the feed, but having seen a few irate messages from those associates I mentioned, and being forced to change the password multiple times due to attempted logins not from my computer, it’s clear they weren’t happy with the status quo.

    As for an ‘official statement’, don’t hold you’d breath. Kraftwerk don’t say much, do they?

  4. Faction Two says:


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