Minimoog: A Mini-Documentary

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What do influential artists and groups like Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, and Yes have in common? They all pioneered the use of synthesizers in their music and on stage. The instrument that they all used for their innovative music was the revolutionary Minimoog.

In an era where modular synthesizers took up an entire room, were very expensive, and were difficult to operate the introduction of the Minimoog in 1970 meant a next step for the injection of synthesizers in music. It was affordable, portable, had a characteristic sound and quickly became one of the most popular instruments.

Eventually, its sound became so popular that a classic Minimoog ad stated: “You know what this is – because you hear it everywhere”. In the mini-documentary below, the history of this revolutionary instrument in revealed. Among others the documentary gives some great insights in how accidental circumstances determined the eventual shape of the Minimoog. Accidental circumstances that influenced the history of pop music.

Want to play the Minimoog in your browser using your keyboard and mouse? Check out this mini-Minimoog.

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