Mixtape Monday: Africa Hitech

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One of the best electronic albums of 2011 so far is Africa Hitech’s ’93 Million Miles’. This edgy full-length was released back in May on Warp Records and contains a spacey blend of dubstep, hip-hop and dancehall. With reviews of this album and of the project in general being unanimously positive, it’s time to check out one of Africa Hitech’s mixtapes.

africa hitech mixtape

Africa Hitech is a project by the Englishmen Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek. Both of them aren’t newcomers. On the contrary: Pritchard released on labels like Hyperdub and Sonar Kollektiv before, while Spacek has been active for more than a decade, most notably in the band Spacek.

The two began bonding over their shared passion for the seemingly disparate spheres of bubbling Detroit techno, soul and fierce Jamaican digital dancehall. They decided to combine their experiences and skills which lead to the exciting Africa Hitech project. A project that has managed to fetch one of the best electronic albums of this year.

While acknowledging that the roots of much of today’s electronic music can be traced back to Africa (mind the name), the music sounds innovative and futuristic. The mixtape below contains most of the genres that influenced the music of Africa Hitech ranging from African music to hip-hop and from UK bass to Drum ‘n Bass. If you enjoy it, make sure to check out their album 93 Million Miles too!

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