Mixtape Monday: Larry Heard

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Last Friday the biggest earthquake to hit Japan on record struck the northeast coast and triggered a tsunami that swept away everything in its path, including houses, cars, and ships. On Sunday evening, only two days after the devastation and the horrifying events, the interactive club Dommune in Tokyo opened its doors again where house legend Larry Heard and the Japanese Moodman played soothing sounds. Here’s the recording of this very special evening.

I’ve written about the interactive club Dommune in Tokyo before. The club approaches interactivity from a unique perspective as the biggest part of the public enjoying the music of the club isn’t physically present. While the club allows only for 50 people to be present the club namely uses Ustream to livestream video and audio from the event for the rest of the world.

The club broadcasts from Sunday to Thursday and so the the club started broadcasting again last Sunday. This time with headliner Larry Heard alongside the Japanese DJ Moodman. Next to the videostream dozens of tweets appeared from Japanese that were also tuning in to the sounds coming from the club. All the tweets applauded the soothing sounds played by the two DJs. Luckily I was able to record about two hours of music coming from this very special evening. During the first minutes you can listen to Larry Heard playing solo. After that it’s Larry Heard playing back to back with Moodman.

I wish for Brighter Days, and hope the country will stabilize soon!

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