Mixtape Monday: Sammy Dee

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After many future garage and deephouse mixtapes, let’s take a ride to Berlin and feature one of the key artists in its minimal scene: Sammy Dee. With his own productions and with the projects Half Hawaii (with Bruno Pronsato) and Pantytec (with Zip) Sammy Dee has been and still is a key influencer in the city’s electronic music scene. Recently a high quality mixtape emerged from his again which you should definately check out.

Sammy Dee Mixtape

Sammy Dee (aka Mario Uwe Radecki) is a true Berlin house veteran that has been active in the scene for almost two decades. He has been releasing high quality music on prestegious labels like Poker Flat, Perlon and Kanzleramt, both under his Sammy Dee moniker and in the duo’s Pantytec and Half Hawaii. Next to this, he has been a resident DJ at renowed clubs like Robert Johnson, Ostgut, and Tresor. With all these activities he’s been a great influencer in Berlin’s electronic music scene.

During the last decade the Berlin minimal scene has constantly been evolving: First it was the new underground sound, then it became THE soundtrack of the noughties, and nowadays minimal is almost a dirty word. The minimal scene saw dozens of labels and artists come and go and the quality of the releases and DJs went up and down. During all these developments there have been a few labels and artists that have been constantly pushing the minimal sound by releasing high quality music and delivering splendid DJ-sets. Sammy Dee is one of those artists.

In the mixtape below, from Phonanza.fm, you can listen to Sammy Dee’s skills in action. Spend your day or night listening to Berlin’s electronic music in its truest sense. Minimal the way it’s meant to be.

[Can’t see the embedded player above? Tap here]

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