Mixtape Monday: Underground Resistance

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Maybe it’s because I finally bought my all-time favorite record on vinyl, but last week I’ve been listening to a lot of old-school Detroit techno. This timeless music still manages to sound fresh and inspirational, even when some of the tracks were produced over twenty years ago. To share this great music with you, this Mixtape Monday features a mix consisting of tracks that were released on one of the most influential Detroit techno labels: Underground Resistance.

Influential artists like Jeff Mills, Drexciya, and Robert Hood all have one thing in common: They have all released records on the Detroit-based label Underground Resistance, UR for short. Since its first release in 1990, the label has achieved a legendary status among techno fans. It reached this status thanks to a unique fusion of science fiction, political thought, and high-standard releases, including now classic tracks such as Galaxy II Galaxy’s High-Tech Jazz and DJ Rolando’s Knights Of The Jaguar.

The enigmatic label was one of the first labels to pioneer the concept of sonic activism. Ever since its formation it communicates a strong political message against oppression and cultural commercialization. It does so not only via its track-titles and lyrics but also by etching political messages into the run-out-grooves or blanc sides of records. This strong political approach is combined with influences of science-fiction and as one label-profile once strikingly described it, each EP is an episode in the ongoing UR saga, adding to the rich and intricate mythos the collective has built up over the past years.

This mixtape was done as a tribute to the label by the SoundCloud user Psypod. It features some of the best releases from the label, including the above mentioned classics. As UR says it: Find your strength in the sound and make your transition!

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