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Today an exiting new Dutch music service went public, Shuffler. The service promises its future users a new way to browse and navigate through what’s hot in the musical blogosphere. I had the honor of testing the service a week before the official launch date and had great fun with it. So, what does it do?

Not your average Internet radiostation

Shuffler basically works like an Internet radio station only then with some really interesting extras. Instead of simply playing music to you and displaying only the artist and song title to you, Shuffler accompanies the music with the blogpost where the music was originally posted. By doing this, Shuffler becomes a radiostation with the richest kind of metadata you can imagine.

On Shuffler’s main page you can choose to listen to music from more than hundred music ‘channels’. These channels are based on’s most popular music genres. After you’ve selected your favorite channel (i.e. indie, electronic, hiphop) the service ‘shuffles‘ through the latest blogposts that fit in this genre. As Shuffler selects the latest posts from a pool of 1600 music blogs, you’re sure your  channel always has something new for you. A perfect way to discover both new music and cool music blogs.

Shuffler on your iPad

On its website and in an interview with Wired earlier this week, the service announced that an iPad app is in the making. While the average radio experience is often passive, a Shuffler app could make Internet radio more engaging. New music gets more meaningful with added context, be it from your social peers or from bloggers whose selection you respect. I can imagine myself sitting on the couch with my iPad, ‘actively’ discovering new music by listening to the music and reading the accompanying posts using Shuffler.

All in all, Shuffler indeed is a cool new way to experience online music, whether you use it passive as Internet radio with a big plus or active as a way to discover and read about new music. Find out if Shuffler has something new to play for you on

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