P2P File Sharing Goes Offline

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Since 1999 online file sharing has had a profound impact on the dynamics within the entertainment industry. Judging from the amount of discussions surrounding last week’s shutdown of LimeWire, one can see that even in 2010 online file sharing continues to influence the debates on copyright and piracy. The project Dead Drops now brings the influence of file sharing into the offline world by inserting USB drives into buildings and walls. Anonymous peer to peer file sharing goes offline.

Since the rise of online peer to peer file sharing systems a decade ago, the accessibility of entertainment products has been radically increasing for the consumer. Also, the systems have created new opportunities for artists who are marginalized by the mainstream entertainment industry. At the same time the entertainment industry and its representatives have been claiming that file sharing has had a negative impact on the sales of music, movies, software, and books. A heavily contested claim though.

The project Dead Drops by Aram Bartholl now brings anonymous file sharing to the offline world, by ‘injecting’ USB flash drives into walls and buildings in the public space of New York. At these drops, anyone can plugin their laptop and add data to the drives or copy the files onto their own hard drives. What will the influence of offline P2P file sharing be? As Bartholl’s website states, the project will be continued in more cities soon, so expect an anonymous hard drive injected in a building near you soon! Pictures and more information about this project can be found here.

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