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Last week I handed in my Master thesis titled ‘Home Streaming Is Killing Piracy’! In this post some information about this thesis, future posts, and… music!

My Master Thesis

First, some things about my thesis, what is it about? Well, in my thesis I start with presenting an archeological analysis of the term piracy. What is piracy actually? Since late seventeenth century the term has been used to depict a wide variety of practices that in one way or another are related to the misappropriation of intellectual property. However, as is shown in my thesis the term piracy is not so rigid as it seems, and its meaning has been shifting over time. Subsequently, I analyze the history of other concepts that are important in understanding (music) piracy, such as copyright and the music industry. Some questions that are answered in these chapters are: How did a notion of copyright came into existence; How can the music industry be defined; How did music piracy evolve?

With these questions answered, a firm base is created for understanding the main concepts that are involved in today’s discussions on music piracy. This understanding is subsequently used to judge the contemporary sentiment in which streaming music is presented as a solution to music piracy. I conclude among others that not copyright enforcement but streaming music is able to kill music piracy, at least the coming years. I’m very happy with the final result and although I cannot share the whole document yet (because it’s still being discussed by my mentors) I will try to share a shorter version with you as soon as possible. Have some patience though, compressing the sixty pages into 2000-3000 words will take some time!

Apart from working on a compressed version of the whole thesis, I will try to share some interesting ideas and literature on music piracy, copyright, and the music industry that I encountered during the writing of my thesis. Look forward among others to a large dose of historical context. Something that can be of help to anyone these days to get a better understanding of the contemporary debates on music piracy. Debates that are often packed with contestable assumptions.


After finishing my thesis, I took a week off to relax after the rather intense last weeks. In this week I among others visited the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). Next to having a great time dancing to the beats of Kyle Hall, Derrick May, Dixon, and the likes, ADE inspired me to focus on music itself some more on this website. Too much tech and too little music isn’t good for anyone. Therefore I plan to bring more of my music onto this site, in order to share some of the tracks I encounter in my daily quests for new music. By doing this I hope to promote some tracks, artists, and labels that I really appreciate. So look forward to new articles and more music in this place!

To kick off a new series of music posts, I want to share the rather unusual, diverse and refreshing “Börneböll Mikks” with you. A mixtape from last summer, made by Gabor Schablitzki aka Robag Wruhme aka one half of the former dj duo Wighnomy Brothers. This mix has accompanied me on the road, on festivals, on my iPhone, and at home. Expect a miscellaneous selection of music, ranging from the German pop of Erobique & Jacques Palminger to the Hip-Hop beats of J Dilla, and from Michael Jackson to a composition by Vangelis. Enjoy!

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  1. Bas says:

    Nice. Good job. I’m currently rewriting my own thesis, roughly about the same topic but with a different approach. Hope to get most of it online within the next few weeks 🙂

  2. @mario9999 says:

    Congratulations with your thesis! Is a very interesting subject, keep it up!

  3. @Bas Thanks! I’m curious about your thesis too, can you give a hint about the content, maybe you’ve already got a title?

    @Mario9999 Thanks man, I really appreciate it!

  4. Bas says:

    I think the title will be “Follow Me: Marketing Music in a Digital Age”. 🙂

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