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While during the last two weeks the debate around online music bloggers infringing copyrights reached a new high again with Blogger (read Google) taking down at least six regularly read music blogs, the Dutch Twones released a new tool today that empowers this same music blogger again. The new tool that accompanies the reinvention of Twones is called the Music Bar and comes in the form of a light browser add-on that lets users bookmark music from several online sources and players. How can it empower the musical blogosphere?

The introduction of the Music Bar comes after a period of about half a year in which the Amsterdam based company clearly was searching for a new direction for their platform. With previous versions of the platform users had to install an add-on in their browser that could keep track of both on- and offline players. Especially the possibility of keeping track of offline players resulted in people seeing the platform as an extended version of, with their profile representing not only their offline plays but also their occasional played YouTube videos, MySpace music clips and Grooveshark plays. In a review on Lifehacker this sentiment got echoed:

“Like, web service Twones aims to help you keep track of all the music you listen to. Unlike, Twones can track virtually any place you may listen to music on your computer”.

While Twones did this quite well, had far better tools to visualize the musical identity of a user. But becoming a better actually wasn’t the idea that the founder Heineke and Martens had with Twones. With the new release Twones really shows its colors and what it wants to be.

Organizing online music

That is, THE place to organize your online music. Having used the Music Marker for a while now it sure comes close to realizing this goal. Twones got rid of the offline players and now recognizes plays not only on several online music services but also of embedded players (YouTube, Vimeo, JW Player) and it makes it possible to stream embedded MP3s. Especially these last two options make the tool interesting and not just another streaming music service. With the option to organize the bookmarks in nifty playlists and to share real-time music activity feeds with followers Twones turns the browser into a great player for the musical blogosphere.

While the musical blogosphere formerly was a place to read about music, listen to music and occasionally a place to download it too, Twones can now potentially turn this whole network of music blogs into a streaming music network. As the Music Bar makes it easier for individuals to organize online music and redirects the listener to the place where a track was bookmarked it provides the blogger a platform to promote their site and it can make this sphere a lot easier to access for the individual.

Finally, with the ressurection of tastemaker selecting the best (new) music instead of a ‘Genius’ or a ‘Similar artists radio’, Twones might do a nice one-two with the musical blogosphere distinguishing itself from other streaming music services and providing the music lover both with a richer context and who knows even with better music!

Disclaimer: I have worked for Twones for several months and have done a large part of their copywriting and marketing efforts.

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