Wanna Play A Quick Music Game?

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You might have got a spare minute today and be in for small game. Maybe you’d also like to test your musical knowledge. Well, if this is the case, look no further than Nihao, a simple and funny game that lets you guess the title from “poorly translated” songs.

Nihao free online music game

Nihao was built last weekend by Marcel Corso and Michiel Gardner during the Kings of Code Hack Battle in Amsterdam. At this hackathon, developers were given 36 hours to create innovative hacks. Nihao won the The Next Web vote and is expected to present the game during the Kings of Code conference later today.

Let me play the game!

Warning: Since all translations are in Dutch, the game’s standard modus might be ‘very very difficult’ for you. I’m sure though if you’ll ask them nicely, Marcel and Michiel will spend a spare hour for you to make the game available in your language!

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